That's Life
 John Buck, a down and out, suicidal 80's rocker meets his guardian angel, a hep cat crooner, through the Karaoke machine in a Jersey dive bar. 

Full length play with music.

The Guardian Man
It's 2050. The world is in its final days. The spirit of darkness has taken over humanity. Before the first seal is opened as written in the book of Revelation, the Guardian Man is sent to free people from their own demons and save as many as he can from ultimate destruction.

Feature-length sci-fi fantasy film.

The Western Flyer
In 1963, a group of bullied middle schoolers encounter a mysterious bicycling superhero that restores hope in their small town.

Feature-length family film.

Stagg Road
A weekend camping trip turns ugly when a group of teenagers come face to face with a grotesquely deformed family of Satan worshippers.

Feature-length horror film.

Clown Bound
A bullied and afflicted simpleton discovers the meaning of life in the Spirit of the Carnival, and saves his town from corporate destruction while defeating a gang of supernatural evil Clowns. Feature-length fantasy film.

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